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Swapnil Chaturvedi


Swapnil a.k.a "Poop Guy" is a Villgro SEED Fellow, StartingBloc Fellow and a divergent thinker with extensive experience in Engineering, Design and Innovation. 

Currently, Swapnil is CTC (Chief Toilet Cleaner) at Samagra which uses ICT, Behavioral Sciences, Analytics and Design to provide awesome toilet experiences to the Urban Poor. Prior to Samagra, Swapnil was designing advanced Telematics & Navigation Systems for next generation vehicles at Continental. 

In 2011 Swapnil dropped out of Management & Design program at Northwestern University, gave up his US Residency and moved back to India to start Samagra’s operations. In order to gain first-hand experience, Swapnil has lived in slums of various cities in India. 

Swapnil believes that answer to wicked problems lies in innovative use of Psychology, Technology and Design.