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Kumar Rangarajan

Little Eye Labs

Born on the same month as the Homebrew Computers club, which inspired both the Steves in their journey to find Apple, Kumar had his first stint in entrepreneurship around the age of 14, when he and his friend started a local lending library, which ultimately shutdown before finding a single customer. It took him another 23 odd years before the desire to do something on his own resurfaced. Bored of working in large corporations for the initial 13 years of his career and 3 patents later (all in the area of developer tools, 1 of which he hates), he joined a startup. But then the corporate world refused to let him go. The startup was acquired and he ended up back in a corporate job. Long story short, 2012 came, fate intervened, founded little eye labs alongwith his friends, who shared his vision of building a world class product company focussed on solving problems for the new generation of mobile app developers. His random thoughts can be heard at @kumrr

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, March 8

3:30pm GMT+0545